Vodafone Steals WebRupee’s Font Without Acknowledging It!


Font from: http://www.vodafone.in/_layouts/1033/styles/css/rupee/rupee.ttf

Bitten by the MNP bug, I was checking out some GSM provider’s website and what they have to offer. While browsing Vodafone’s website it was really nice to see that they used the Rupee Symbol instead of writing “Rs”. Out of curiosity, I started checking how was the symbol displayed and found that the stylesheet looked like the one from WebRupee with few changes:
1) Licence Removed (We had Apache Version 2 license)
2) “WebRupee” changed to “rupee”
3) Links to font file on their server
4) Almost all css same(even the whitespaces) except for the places where they had added some small styling information.

I was still unsure whether the font was copied, so I downloaded the font file to check. And the above screenshot verified it.

So they not only stole the files but were devious enough to change the name. They should really learn from railtourismindia.com, blanketofrelief.org who has been using it without changing the name.

Not only them, rimweb.com has been using it from their own servers, but have left the Licences untouched.

Below are the screenshot of css file contents.



Written by Aman Kumar Jain

January 20th, 2011 at 12:01 pm

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