An Experiment By AmiWorks


If you have visited PHPCamp or Track Live Tweets then you might be wondering why we call them ‘An Experiment’.

If you would have asked this question to me a month back, it would had been very difficult for me to explain the logic behind it, but few days back I read a book by Dale Dauten  ‘The Max Strategy’ which explained the idea in just 3 words ‘Experiments Never Fail ’.

And before you get the wrong idea that I think simply calling our products ‘Experiments’ will ensure that they succeed, let me explain.

Experiments are meant to be way to prove a theory or hypothesis, and if it does not show the desired outcome it only means that something is wrong in our theory or logic, which means we can either change our experiment or the theory. 🙂

In either case, experiments help us understand what works and what does not. This allows us to provide simple solutions and services that work seamlessly.

This is the philosophy on which we founded AmiWorks.

Written by Amit Singh

March 4th, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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