AmiWorks Turns 12, 1.1 in the pipeline

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Today we turn 12.

If last year was a smooth sail, this year was filled with turbulences. We started this year with aggressive growth plans, and we got hit in the face with attrition. This situation put us on the back foot for a major part of this year, actually, we are still on the back foot and recovering from this loss.

We did a lot of work around documentation of Awesome Enterprise and even started a youtube channel to share the tutorials. We also fully restructured our Github page to highlight our focus.

This year we improved on our process further and did multiple releases across our Awesome Tech stack, including

  1. 12 releases for Awesome Enterprise,
  2. A ReactNative based App shell,
  3. 2 new Apps and multiple services for Awesome Enterprise
  4. 100+ UI Blocks to use on awesome websites.
  5. A script to quickly set up new servers with all the prerequisites for the new WordPress site.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remember and thank all our well-wishers who continue to support us. I would especially like to thank our teammates who pitched in when we needed them while going through difficult times on the personal front.

In terms of AOE-ROR, our age is Iron, but while we were focused on researches, we had a few skirmishes that forced us to be defensive. Our focus is still on gathering resources and continuing to invest in upgrades & researches that will help us in our conquest plan. This is that phase in the game where you wait for things to fall in place and hope for a breather so that you can gather your full strength. Conquest will start real soon.

As always we continue to focus on making our tools and process better so that we can serve our customers with higher quality and efficiency.

Written by Amit Singh

October 22nd, 2021 at 2:35 am

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