AmiWorks turns 13, and 1.1 is in the RC stage

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Today we turn 13.

The effect of Turbulences that started last year, can still be felt. This year we focused on trying to consolidate the type of work we were doing, and our experiments resulted in the insight that the “website is a pain for marketing teams” armed with this, we have changed all our sales and marketing pitch.

We have added to our team size, and we are now focused only on “Awesome Websites” as the business unit. Our internal discussions are now happening in terms of OKRs. Delivery teams are now structured in optimal independent units to give a better experience to our customers.

This year we released the following improvements to our Awesome Tech Stack

  1. 800+ ready-to-use UI blocks and all of them are available in XD format as well.
  2. 12+5 releases of Awesome Enterprise including support for the code repository
  3. A whole new way of debugging in Awesome, along with a debugger app
  4. The alpha version of the new form architecture is ready, this will enable us to build form-based workflows at least 50% faster than what we are able to do right now.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remember and thank all our well-wishers. This year I would like to add “Biju Nair” to this list of well-wishers, he went out of his way to help us with the Bengaluru startup ecosystem.

In terms of AOE-ROR, since last year we are in the Iron Age, most of our research is done, and the various unit combinations needed for the conquest are now ready. This also means we are very low on resources to wage a full-fledged growth war, still we are now in exploration mode to figure out the best market to capture while trying to increase our resources for sustained war.

I believe we are now in that make-or-break stage of the game where timing is very critical as the conquest campaign is about start.

As always we are going to continue to experiment with ideas, but this year, it will be focused on increasing our sales.

Happy Deepawali.

Written by Amit Singh

October 22nd, 2022 at 6:19 pm

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